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Will mainly focus on those issues that people feel are affecting their development and progress in their walk as Christians and in their personal or professional development. Assistance will be given in challenging distorted thinking patterns and using the word of God to help individuals to begin to see themselves as God sees them so that they can overcome some of the faulty thinking that has kept them in a place where they are now.

It is not the intention of JPN Consultants to provide counseling to people who have an active diagnosis. Appropriate referrals will be made in cases of those with a diagnosis.


Is available to individuals who feel stuck in their endeavors or those who want to start a new business or venture of a different kind but do not know where to start from. Joyce will assist them and walk them through the various stages by identifying what they carry (what is inside them) so they can translate it into what they want to create.

Once again, individuals will be helped to see themselves in a different light than they currently do based on what the word of God says about them and also by helping them identify areas that may have been keeping them from getting to the place they need to go. Joyce is a certified coach and mentor through Destiny Coaching and Mentoring Academy.


Will be provided to assist individuals in gaining a better understanding of their current situation and visualize where they want to be. For individuals who feel stuck in their businesses or in their walk with the Lord or in whatever area, JPN Consultants will provide an assessment of the individual’s current situation as well as guidance in how to get to their goal.

Sometimes all it takes is a different way of looking at one’s current situation! Individuals will be assisted in identifying the steps they need to take to make a change in their present situation.


As a teacher by profession, Joyce loves to teach and train individuals of different ages and backgrounds. A major component of JPN Consultants will be to provide training to address different issues that individuals may be dealing with as well as other general topics of interest.

Joyce has an ease in working with people and assisting them in identifying areas in which they need assistance. and face challenges. She has helped many individuals identify issues that were seemingly too complicated for them. She believes part of the ease comes from her love of the word of God. Many times as she reads the Bible she gets enlightened on how the word can be used to address a particular issue. Training sessions will be provided on a biweekly basis.

Every person has unique gifts
and those gifts give him or her the power
and the opportunity to accomplish great things.

Zig Ziglar

Every person has unique gifts, and those gifts give him or her the power and the opportunity to accomplish great things.

Zig Ziglar

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